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Real Wind for Massachusetts

June 12, 2009

From the desk of Ms. Green Quick Fixes

What a whirlwind it’s been getting GoGreen Web Directory articles, newsletters, this blog, and other content going! This is an exciting time with much planned for the remainder of 2009.

In addition, taking on new projects is always a welcome challenge. This week’s Green Quick Fixes, my weekly green living column, addresses the necessity to transition to a smarter grid that can supply actual greener energy to Bay State homes and businesses.

Ms. Green Quick Fixes—always looking for the smartest, quickest way to reduce carbon footprints—has cast out a query to develop a funding mechanism to raise revenues specifically for upgrading the grid now. As in pronto.

There is much design work, planning, and equipment that is needed in order to carry new transmission lines that bring proposed wind energy directly to our homes. The Earth cannot wait and Massachusetts, always a natural leader, must step up and prepare the nest!

Without funding set aside to get green energy plugged in, and legislative priorities focused on hurdle-clearing simply to erect windmills and establish other green energy sources, actual delivery of green energy to Massachusetts seems a far off dream.

The renewable energy credits that we buy directly or through green energy programs are great, but I can’t stop thinking that we could do better because the need is urgent. The world just cannot wait and I am looking for partners that can help me establish a funding source now. Contact me at if you can add some momentum that makes this dream a reality!

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