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Why Not a 70% Green Energy Future?

June 16, 2009

From the desk of Ms. Green Quick Fixes

After spending the day at Salem’s Renewable Energy Fair, touring the amazing geothermal installation at Salem’s Joseph Story house, and discussing solar installations throughout the North Shore, it’s clear that green energy is not only possible, but it’s wonderful!

So many consumers are blown away by the successes of their installations and are beaming with pride that they have slashed their homes energy bills and carbon footprints, or even eliminated them completely. And the green energy companies are hungry for more projects!

The vibe that comes from those that have jumped on the green energy bandwagon is infectious, and I hope that ISO New England, the Massachusetts Legislature, and power generators in this state can work together now to improve our grid and green energy goals.

It’s sad that ISO New England’s 2008 Annual Report predicts a limit of 30% on New England’s green energy future.

Technologically, I know that Massachusetts can do better. Clearly, I am not alone.

It’s going to take prioritizing, will, and financial support to increase green energy goals.

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