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Individuals Can Take Climate Action on October 24th

October 20, 2009

From the desk of Ms. Green Quick Fixes

We know that extreme changes in global atmospheric composition and ocean pH lead to ecological uncertainty. If we reach tipping points we will change the planet as we know it, and the shift will not be gentle.

Atmospheric and oceanic changes mean severe storms, ever-lowering ocean pH means mass deaths of fish species due to collapsing colonies of plankton that cannot live in an acid environment, and many lands lost the world over—submerged as sea level rises. The obvious results are death, environmental refugees, and loss of major global food supplies. Not to mention the trickledown effects of unstable economies and resource-driven war.

Why do I remind of all these grim details? Well, because as individuals we can throw aside hopelessness and do something.

The organization has called every citizen of Earth to action on October 24th.’s mission is that through awareness and international agreement we can collectively return to safe atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and can reverse global warming trends.

Earth’s atmosphere is currently at 390 parts per million (ppm) and counting. Just a few years ago, it was at 382 ppm. The urgency to return to 350ppm—the number National Air and Space Administration Scientist Jim Hansen discovered as the limit of a healthy atmosphere—is growing more alarming with each passing month.

When and Why:

On October 24th, Earth’s citizens will take action at organized events the world over. Organizers will share pictures and stories with, which will compile data for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December.

Copenhagen has become the quest for the environmental grail. It’s the opportunity to resurrect international global warming treaty, and many fear that this meeting is our last hope. Some believe we have a window of just three years to put global environmental devastation in reverse, and that within 10 years, we will experience the shift to ecological instability.

Coordinated international demand for climate change could prove persuasive with UN world leaders. So I hope you will join me on the 24th in taking action.


To participate in an event, go to and search your zip code.

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