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A Solid Green Directory

November 1, 2009

The latest data shows that green marketing is unchecked, consumers seek guidance in green purchasing, and there is a lack of standards and overarching certification. The result is that consumers are forced to rely on manufacturer and service provider green marketing statements and claims.

In the interest of speed to market, any green directory can seek to populate its listings without performing research on green claims, by relying on others to investigate, or in simply accepting affiliation claims to more than 300 green labels.

At GoGreen, we believe the integrity of GoGreen Web Directory data is crucial because it is the core of our business model. Growing a meaningful Massachusetts green business directory, region by region, is our mission.

While other green directories may claim tens-of-thousands of listings, GoGreen’s business model includes hands-on interaction with each listed company on and a vetting process through which we engage members in detailing their sustainability, green, and environmental practices. The result of GoGreen’s thoughtful system of checks and balances is a directory of Solid Green Listings.

It’s just one of the ways GoGreenregistered trademark is Actions Green Louder than Words®.

GoGreen is also following U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Green Guides revision activities and current corporate enforcement actions, as well as class action suits brought against green labels, and will discuss how such decisions affect the marketplace, and GoGreen Web Directory, as these stories unfold.

For more information about government oversight of green marketing, read the FTC’s Sorting Out ‘Green’ Advertising Claims. For more information about hundreds of green labels, review’s updated list.

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