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GoGreen Sets Sail: Full Steam Ahead in 2010!

January 21, 2010

By Ms. Green Quick Fixes

As we at reflect on 2009’s wake of achievements, we’re steering fast ahead on 2010.

In the past year, GoGreenregistered trademark has expanded reach into Metro Boston, North Shore, and Cape Cod, developed strategic partnerships with organizations like Edible Southshore, acquired trademarks for GoGreen and our motto actions green louder than wordsregistered trademark, streamlined directory design and functionality, and added exciting new content including Living Green articles, Local Heroes section, blog with Member Blog feed, and a comprehensive list of Massachusetts state resources for the GoGreen community. In 2009, GoGreen experienced a 30% month-over-month growth rate with visitors to our site. Traffic has grown steadily, and we are approaching the 50,000-hits-per-month mark. This month’s acquisition of GoGreen intellectual property rights is important for continued growth and exposure.

“We applied for the GoGreen trademark when we first started, and we are enthusiastic about the value it brings to the directory and our members”, said GoGreen President and Founder Paula Keif.

We also spread the word about the directory far and wide with “Seed the Future” recycled cards that offer site visitors a free tree to plant in support of global REforestation; marketed our members, fostering business in the Bay State’s growing green economy; and attended numerous green events. Through all of these efforts, GoGreen members reached more consumers, received discounts to green expos, and benefited from business-to-business networking.

In a measure of actions green louder than words, Keif was also named to the Greenschools Board of Directors and is currently assisting green initiatives for Bay State schools. “Improved environmental decision making within schools will teach children about the importance of creating healthy environments and recycling. GoGreen is a vehicle to get the word out and help support this important organization”, she said.

Energized by a year of achievements, GoGreen is already on its way to high points in the new year. We are weaving Living Green content into the directory, developing media presence, and planning for a GoGreen Heroes Photo Album, which will show all the wonderful green actions by individuals and businesses within Massachusetts. We are expanding reach into the Central and Western regions; developing a non-profit presence, including community resources; and continuing to create strategic partnerships.

The tasks ahead for the new green economy are exciting. By engaging in green marketplace conversations and developing policy, GoGreen is helping members to succeed through marketing, strategic partnerships, direct access to local green consumers, and news. And most importantly, the GoGreen community is creating a greener Massachusetts through access to local green products and services and green living information and resources.

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