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Reflecting on PlanetHugger

July 27, 2010

from the desk of Paula Keif, GoGreen president & founder

What a weekend at PlanetHugger Boston! I am so energized from the enthusiasm of several hundred people and businesses who we got the opportunity to meet and be introduced to GoGreen and our members, some of which received exclusive GoGreen member discounts and display at the event.

It was equally exciting to meet Ed Begley Jr. and hear about his journey.  Part of his daily behavior, from tackling a house project to attending speaking engagements, includes evaluating the carbon impact of each of his actions. He, just as we do at GoGreen, believes in taking small steps to achieve an eco friendly lifestyle and seeks to understand his true impact.

Paula Keif showing Ed Begley Jr. the GoGreen Web DirectoryI briefly showed Begley The GoGreen Web Directory, and he thanked GoGreen for doing our part in the green movement by providing this resource to help Massachusetts residents find local,  green resources.

Guest musician Tom Chapin was fantastic, as was watching attendants line up to get their hair cut in order to provide material to help soak up the oil from the Gulf spill, a project by Matter of Trust. It makes me proud to know that many fellow citizens of Massachusetts were ready to lend their hair in cleaning up the devastating fossil fuel spill.

It also warmed my heart as a board member of GoGreen partner Green Schools to meet the founder of a new environmentally-focused club at East Boston High School called Bluenose Green. The group’s booth displayed a replica structure of the high school made from plastic water bottles–what a great teaching tool to educate the youth on reduce-reuse-recycle, one of the many things we can do to protect Mother Earth!

GoGreen will be sponsoring more events this summer, such as Boston Green Fest (8/19 – 8/21) and Open Road Festival (9/4) in Worcester. Please stop by our booth and say hello, talk about green businesses in your area, and enter your green tip to win great items like the official GoGreen organic T-shirt. And for GoGreen members there are exclusive GoGreen exhibitor discounts for Boston Green Fest.

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