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aMortonDesign – New Member Blog Post

November 11, 2010
aMorton Design
aMorton Design
Somerville, MA  


  GoGreen: How did your business evolve, or become green?

Andrea:  “I founded aMortonDesign with the objective of incorporating sustainable practices into my designs. The best solutions blend low- and high-tech materials and methods. For too long we asked buildings to be micro-climates disconnected from nature, weather, and daylight. This led to numerous health problems as well as a lack of understanding of the impact of our choices on the natural environment. The goal must be to meet human needs in harmony with the ongoing health of the planet.

Andrea:  “I earned LEED AP status in 2007 and actively cultivate relationships with contractors, suppliers, engineers, and designers who are engaged in the evolving discussion of what constitutes green. We can work with clients at any level from careful renovation for improved use of existing space to designing new buildings to meet LEED Certification.

GoGreen:  What is your most important environmental goal and how do you feel your business can contribute?

Andrea:  “Reduction of the carbon footprint of building construction and operation is critical to sustainable architecture. In an ideal world we would close the loop on all waste streams and produce more energy than we consume. To reach that day we must increase efficiency and make careful choices in numerous areas including materials, siting, fixtures, lighting, and glazing. We draw on numerous resources and work with consultants as necessary to identify the best solutions for a given project and budget.”

GoGreen:  When you consider the phrase “Planet Earth,” which element or adjective of the following do you associate?

Andrea:  “Ingenuity is at the core of creative problem solving. It is also essential to meeting the challenges of building and sustaining life on a planet which is increasingly stressed by our demands.”

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