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Follow our Organic Vegetable Garden

June 19, 2011

Each week, GoGreen will follow Vegging Out owner Jessica Wozniak personal “trowel” and errors! 

I have been gardening for years and each year, I think I out did myself from years past.  This thought has remained true this year!  I started the season with clear goals, to use up my collection of old seeds, utilize the space most efficiently and start experimenting with tastes.  I have done well with the first two goals but jury will be out on tasting new items as we have two picky youngsters in the house (save that for a later posting!)  Once again, I have carrots growing under the tomatoes and peppers and beets in with squashes. When I discover unused spots, I planted seeds for veggies that will grow fast (bush beans) or grow into late summer (beets).

What the kids and I are really excited about are out potatoes growing in a bag!  We tried it out last year but it didn’t produce a lot so here’s to Take 2!  I planted Organic Potato plantingthem earlier than last year (April 30) as they are a crop you can start four weeks before frost free date.  I grow them in large bags (18″ in diameter x 14-1/2″ H and holds 60 quarts of container mix).  Here’s the skinny on growing potatoes – put about four inches of soil in the bag, place about 4-5 potato seeds in the bag and cover with about three inches of soil.  I purchased top soil (cheap!) and garden soil for them.  You need to keep adding soil as the potatoes grow.  I’m using compost that has been sitting around for years so it can be considered soil.  I’m excited to say that this week the potatoes are flowering – a great sign of it going right this year!  Supposedly you can get 13 pounds in each bag – stay tuned!

Organic Green Tip: stay true to organic gardening by purchasing organic potatoes seeds.  Most potatoes sold in grocery stores have been treated to prevent sprouting, making them worthless for cutting up and planting in the garden.  In addition, they may carry diseases. 
So check in each week to see how well our garden is growing!  I’ll provide lots of green gardening tips.  And this year, I plan to keep a running total of how much money we’re saving.  We spent almost $200 in getting the garden set up – let’s see if we can beat that. Challenge accepted!

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  1. Julie permalink
    June 20, 2011 12:34 pm

    Good luck with the potatoes Jess. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out.

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