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Cloth Diapers: Debunking the Myths!

July 14, 2011

Cloth diapers have come a LONG way since most of us where babies. Gone are the days of safety pins and messy leaks. Today’s cloth diapers are easy to use, save you money and unlike disposable diapers, don’t fill-up our landfills!


1. Using cloth diapers can save a family over $1,000 per child versus the use of disposable diaper.

2. Disposable diapers not only  fill-up our landfills, they can also leak fecal matter which can contaminate soil and ground water.

3.  Cloth diapers breathe better and do not contain the chemicals found in disposable diapers decreasing a child’s likelihood of diaper rash.

4. Many parents who use cloth diapers report earlier potty training than those parents who have a child wearing disposable diapers.

Visit the GO GREEN WEB DIRECTORY to find out more about cloth diapers in your area!

Also, we love this cute video on exactly how to change a cloth diaper. It is a bit long, but very sweet AND informative!

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