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Welcome to New Member Nature’s Palette Landscape Design

August 21, 2011

Nature's Palette is a landscape design firm that specializes in organic, ecologically sound and aesthetically rich, custom residential and corporate landscapes.

GoGreen would like to welcome one of our newest Massachusetts Green Business Members, Nature’s Palette Landscaping in Duxbury. Nature’s Palette specializes in organic, ecologically sound and aesthetically rich, custom residential and corporate landscapes.


-Most commercial fertilizers contain synthetic urea, a compound similar to the natural urea found in urine. It is high in nitrogen and can be toxic.

-Most commercial fertilizers contain phosphorus. Phosphorus in runoff causes rapid growth of toxic cynobacteria, a type of algae that produces neurotoxins.

-A report by the National Academy of Sciences shows that the health of 1 in 7 people is negatively impacted in some form by lawn pesticides

Why is  an organic and ecologically sound lawn and landscape so important? We asked Tina from Nature’s Palette to tell us more:

Tell us your opinion on the importance of organic lawn and garden practices:

I believe organic lawn and garden care is very important. It doesn’t include the use of synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to people, pets, wildlife, insects and the microbial organisms in the soil, – which make them  rich and healthy for growing lawns and gardens. Organic practices provide a sustainable and healthy environment and they do no harm.  It may take more time and effort and it may even cost a bit more in some cases, but it is definitely worth it in my mind. Just envision a beautiful, healthy, lush lawn and imagine eating tasty fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden! Now that’s nice.

How does a consumer ensure that a lawn care company is using the best organic practices?

The best way  is to contact NOFA (northeast organic farming Association). They train individuals to be Accredited Organic Land Care Professionals. (AOLCP) Editor’s note: Nature’s Palette has this accreditation!

What are a few simple tips on making sure your lawn and garden are not hurting the environment?

A couple of the best ways to make sure your lawn and gardens are not harming the environment is to avoid using synthetic chemicals, use timers on your irrigation systems and/or use drip irrigation systems. If you are aware of invasive plants taking over your property, they are best removed in a responsible manner so they won’t choke out the plants in your landscape and the surrounding native plants that provide food and shelter for the birds and other wildlife around your yard.

For more information on organic lawn and garden care, contact Tina at NATURE’S PALETTE LANDSCAPE DESIGN.

Interested in finding out more about Massachusetts Green Business? Visit the Go Green Web Directory!


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  1. August 26, 2011 11:30 pm

    Great blog site. Extremely informative. I’m currently trying to grow my own organic herbs and vegetables and it’s going great. Unfortunately, I wish I had read this article before I began planting here in South Florida. Anyways, I’d like to invite you to submit your blog on my websitL I think it could help a lot of people!

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