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Go Green Member Spotlight: Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed

September 20, 2011

According to Health magazine, the single most toxic item inside or outside your home is a chemically-maintained lawn. Chemical runoff from rain water enters storm drains and eventually ends-up in our drinking water.  Lawn chemicals and pesticides can also be  carried into your home  on shoes, paws and air currents staying in carpets and other surfaces for months.

Ready for a yard that is people, pet & planet friendly and the envy of your entire neighborhood? We asked Jenifer Apazidis to tell us more about the advantages of Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed.

How does Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed help the environment?

1. Our yards seldom need watering once established (drought tolerant grass seed). This can save you at least 75% of your normal water usage!

2. Our lawns thrive without the use of chemicals and pesticides keeping harsh chemicals away from your family and community water supplies.

3.  You only need to use that polluting lawn mower once a month and not weekly, or never if left to go to a three inch high meadow. A typical lawn mower produces as much carbon in an hour as a mid-sized car, fully-loaded, produces in 11 hours of driving!

What are other advantages to Pearl’s Premium?

1. Our grass stays green all year round making you the envy of the neighborhood this winter with the only green lawn on the block!

2. Your family will love running barefoot all summer long in the lush, soft grass!

Want more information on Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed? Visit their  website:

***BE SURE TO ENTER COUPON CODE  THANKS2011 at checkout to receive a 15% discount!!!***

To find out more about Massachusetts green businesses , visit the GO GREEN WEB DIRECTORY!

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