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GoGreen Kids: Natural Thanksgiving Craft Idea

November 11, 2011

Try this simple, natural Thanksgiving craft to keep the kids entertained while you fix the food!

Like most of you, we here at GoGreen are planning on a green Thanksgiving this year by including things like natural decorations, reusable dinnerware, and serving organic food. But, why not get the kids involved with going green as well by adding a fun, natural craft to their day? (And keep them busy while you cook!)

Here is a great one for all ages:



Fall Leaves

Pine Cone


Recycled Construction Paper (or make your own paper)


Wiggly eyes


1. Have the kids go on a scavenger hunt for fun, colorful leaves of all sizes and a pine cone.

2. Have each child glue his or her leaves in a fan shape on recycled construction paper or other cardboard to create the turkey tail feathers.

side note: make it more eco-friendly by making your own paper instead!

3. Glue pine cone to the bottom of the leaf fan to create the turkey head and neck.

4. Glue wiggly eyes to pine cone.

5. Cut out a red gobbler and an orange beek from construction paper and glue onto cone. (Or try other natural options like orange peels or red peppers!)

6. Add other features as desired. (ours has grass glued to the bottom for our turkey to “stand” on and small kernels of corn glued to the side for our turkey to eat!

7. Let dry and hang!

Have a great green craft idea for Thanksgiving? Share it with us below! And remember to visit the GoGreen Web Directory whenever you are looking for a “green” business or service in Massachusetts! We are adding new companies every month!

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