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New Member Spotlight: Lynnfield Green Technologies

December 18, 2011

The GoGreen Web Directory would like to welcome LYNNFIELD GREEN TECHNOLOGIES!

Lynnfield Green Technologies develops and markets products for cleaning and sanitizing that eliminate or significantly reduce the need for toxic chemical cleaning and sanitizing chemicals. Their products have appeal at the high end for institutions such as hotels, schools, correctional facilities and homes.

For example, the Toucan-eco technology takes tap water and ordinary table salt to create the worlds finest green cleaning/ sanitizing liquid. The Toucan-eco uses ECA (Electro-chemical Activation) technology to transform tap water and salt into a very effective combined sanitizer and cleaning agent.

The containers are filled with drinking water and a minimal amount of table salt, then placed on a base station which activates the solutions. The activation process takes less than 3 minutes.

We asked Pat Lucci, Managing Director of Lynnfield, to tell us more about it:

1. What makes Lynnfield Green Technology unique?

We are a small consultancy of unusual professionals who have backgrounds in product development, science and marketing. We help companies to conceive and develop products for green cleaning and sanitizing.

2. Your company has developed a revolutionary product called Toucan-eco Technology that converts tap water and table salt into a sanitizer and cleaning agent. How can  Toucan-eco technology be used by small eating establishments and other small businesses that require clean, sanitary environments?

Toucan-eco can be used in many ways. Here are a few examples:

ACIDIC (sanitizer/cleaner) WATER:

  1. Clean windows.
  2. Clean and sanitize television remote controls, phones, clocks
  3. Clean mirrors.
  4. Clean and sanitize bathroom fixtures.
  5. Clean and sanitize doorknobs and banisters.
  6. Clean and sanitize house keeping carts.
  7. Clean and sanitize bathroom floors.
  8. Use in carpet cleaning machines to sanitize.
  9. Use in portable misters to deodorize and sanitize.
  10. Clean and Sanitize Tubs, Sinks, Toilets  Effective on Soap Scum
  11. Kitchen Replaces all Sanitizers on Line, 3 compartment sink, and most all applications. Counters, Cutting Boards, Kitchen Equipment, etc
  12. Front of the house Tables, Bar area, Hand Sanitizing for wait staff and all public facing employees Front desk, and Public Areas, Lobby etc
  13. Health  Club Area Including Exercise Equipment
  14. Food Sanitizing; poultry, fish, fruit,  and veggies kills bacteria and extends shelf life
  15. Use diluted solution with cut flowers to increase the shelf life of the flowers.
For more information on this revolutionary product, contact LYNNFIELD GREEN TECHNOLOGIES.

For more information on Massachusetts green businesses, visit the GO GREEN WEB DIRECTORY!

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