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Green Kid Birthday Party Ideas!

January 21, 2012

Planning your child’s birthday party can be a rewarding endeavor. But, have you considered adding a little “green” to the party as well? Here are a few easy tips on creating an eco-friendly kid’s birthday party:

1. GIFTS: Instead of gifts, ask family and friends to donate to your favorite eco-friendly charity or local outreach. If your child does receive gifts, be sure to recycle the wrapping paper or save gift bags to be reused later.

2. TABLEWARE: Purchase birthday themed, reusable plates, cups and napkins that can be used every year instead of disposable. Not only is it better for the environment, you will be creating a fun family tradition!

3.  INVITATIONS: Choose online invitations instead of traditional paper. (This will save you money as well!) If you do choose traditional invitations, opt for ones printed on recycled paper.

4. DRINKS and FOOD: Avoid single serving drinks such as juice boxes or bottled waters. Use large pitchers of juice or water instead. Serve fresh fruits and veggies instead of packaged snacks.

5. GAMES: Opt for board games, musical chairs, hopscotch, charades, relay races  or other games that require little or no supplies (and promote exercise as well!)

With a little thought and preparation, your child can have a fun  (and  green) birthday party with memories that will last a lifetime!

Have you thrown a green party for your child? We would love for you to share it on our facebook page and encourage others!

Interested in finding out more about eco-friendly businesses in Massachusetts? Visit the GoGreen Web Directory!

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