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Go Green this Easter!

March 19, 2012


Spring is here and so are the sounds of little rabbit feet headed our way.  Yes, the Easter Bunny is coming to town and we hope he is bringing lots of eco-friendly items with him in his basket!

Here are a few tips we hope Peter Cotton Tail will read before leaving his den this Easter:

1.  EASTER BASKET: Instead of buying a new basket this year, re-use one from years past. Or why not create your own recycled Easter basket from an old soda bottle?

2. EASTER GRASS: Fill your Easter basket with colorful shredded paper from the recycling bin instead of purchasing plastic grass. Once you are finished with your basket, you can recycle the shredded paper or add it to your compost bin. Not only is this safer for the environment, it is safer for small children and pets as well!

3. EASTER CANDY: Opt for organic chocolates and candies, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, raisins and other healthy alternatives to traditional candies. Don’t confine yourself to just food gifts. How about adding a fun hair accessory, new book, movie tickets or a gift certificate from a GoGreen Member? The options are nearly endless.

4. EASTER EGGS: Easter would not be complete without an Easter egg hunt.  Make yours eco-friendly by purchasing  local, free range eggs and using a natural Easter egg dye.

5. EASTER DRESS: Instead of purchasing a new dress or suit for you or your little one’s, why not do a clothing swap with friends? Or try purchasing from a secondhand store or thrift shop. Many Easter dresses are only worn once so they tend to be in excellent condition!

How do you plan to have a green Easter? We would love to here your ideas in the comments below!

And remember to visit the GoGreen Web Directory for more ideas, products and eco-friendly companies in Massachusetts!

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  1. March 27, 2012 7:14 am

    Lots of great green tips here for Easter. Another? Don’t get caught up in the emotions of the event for little kids by bringing home bunnies as gifts. It’s nice for the day, but the reality is, pets have to be looked after by someone for a long time to come. Be sure the family is going to be truly committed first.

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