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Improving Your Search Engine Rank Through Local Directory Listings

April 5, 2012

With the ever changing world of Search Engine Optimization, it is hard to know exactly what is going to help your site reach the top of the search engines.  And now that paid back links seem to be a thing of the past, what is the best advice on getting the rankings you are looking for?

Submitting content to article directories and blogging regularly are both important components to your overall SEO plan.  But, did you know another important task to consider is to submit your site to legitimate local directories like the GoGreen Web Directory?

Why you should take the time to submit to local directories:

1. Inbound links to your site from directories are highly desirable to search engines and help improve your overall rankings.

2. Most directories allow you to choose your own keywords, thus giving you advantage within the search engines for highly desired words that may otherwise be difficult to rank with under normal circumstances.

3. Well run directories, like the GoGreen Web Directory, with good SEO and PR rankings receive large amounts inbound traffic themselves (and good page rankings within the search engines). So, not only will people see your business on your  own website, but will see you listed within the pages of the directory and their search engine results as well!

Ready to get started? Contact the GoGreen Web Directory!


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