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10 Ways to “Green” Your Business

January 7, 2013

Post-Christmas blues? Why not turn your January “green”  with these tips on creating an eco-friendly work environment:

1. CONSIDER YOUR LIGHT SOURCE. Switch to LED light bulbs in lamps and other light fixtures.  Consider using skylights, opening blinds and drawing back curtains to use more natural light throughout the work space. Not only will this save on electricity, it will raise spirits as more sunshine = happier people!

2. THINK TWICE ABOUT TRAVEL. With today’s modern technology consider saving money, time AND valuable natural resources by staying closer to home. Video conferencing with out of town clients or allowing employees to telecommute not only saves the earth, it saves you money as well!

3. TURN IT OFF. Require employees to turn off lights when leaving their office and add motion sensor lights to break rooms and bathrooms that automatically turn on and off as people enter and leave the room. Be sure computers, fax machines, copiers and printers are all turned off at the end of each day and on weekends.

4. SHARE YOUR RIDE. Organize a company carpool and incentivize people who wish to participate.  (Free lunch on Fridays perhaps?)

5. RECYCLE.  Have clearly marked bins throughout your office space for recycling paper, cans, etc.  Always purchase recycled paper, office supplies and refurbished equipment as well.

6. RETHINK ADVERTISING. Consider moving marketing dollars to online advertising and social media instead of direct mail and print advertising. Radio advertising (like on 95.9 WATD) is also an option. Not only will you reduce paper waste, you will be reaching people where they live: ON THEIR SMARTPHONE, TABLET OR COMPUTER!

7. BRING THE OUTSIDE IN: Adding  plants the office freshens the air by removing toxins and some studies even suggest plants inside a room can increase focus. Also, consider creating an outdoor meeting space for warm weather days to help spark creativity!

8. TALK TO HOUSEKEEPING. Hire a cleaning company that only uses eco-friendly products when cleaning your offices.

9. PARTNER WITH LIKE-MINDED VENDORS. Everything from empty printer cartridges to old computers can be recycled or refurbished, so the environmentally-friendly firm should use suppliers who take back and recycle their products after they have been used.

10. LIST YOUR COMPANY WITH THE GOGREEN WEB DIRECTORYAre you a “green” business or provide an eco-friendly service? Be sure you are listed with the GO GREEN WEB DIRECTORY and let others know about you!


On the you will find local eco-conscious businesses, will learn about green events in your community, and will connect to green living information and news. Rest assured that that those listed and advertising on the directory meet green standards for their type of business. While individuals should always ensure that the green businesses they support are taking acceptable measures, all of the businesses listed on GoGreen have been vetted.

GoGreen is the place to find hundreds of hand-picked green business listings that are local to you.

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  1. January 8, 2013 9:08 am

    Best way to start the year! Let’s go green this 2013!

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