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10 Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas from the GoGreen Web Directory

March 4, 2013

Newly engaged?


Now the planning begins.

Whether you are a modern bride or traditional, you want your wedding to reflect your personal and unique style.  And if that style includes helping to protect Mother Earth, here are 10 creative ways of creating a perfect eco-friendly wedding:

1. PRINT ON RECYCLED PAPER: Everything from invitations to programs can be printed on recycled paper.  Visit your local printer to see what unique papers are now available. These days there are many options that will reflect the style you are trying to create for your wedding.

2. SOMETHING OLD…SOMETHING BORROWED.  Shop for a vintage gown or re-purpose a family wedding gown to fit your own tastes . If you do opt for a new gown, look for dresses made from natural materials such as organic cotton, silk or hemp.

3. AVOID DISPOSABLES. Avoid the use of disposable or one-use items (e.g. disposable cameras and plastic dinnerware) and opt for re-usable instead. Create the perfect table with cloth napkins, china and silverware. These items can be rented for a reasonable price from most reception venues or caterers. Instead of disposable cameras, ask friends and family to upload wedding pictures to a designated instagram account or website. Or create a special hashtag  on Twitter just for your special day. Later you can create an online wedding album to share.

4.  BORROW OR RENT BEFORE PURCHASING.  Many items needed for a wedding have little use after the big day. Ask friends and family to go through closets and storage areas to see what gems may await you. Still can’t find the perfect item for the ceremony? Consider renting items instead of purchasing outright.

5. HONEYMOON GREEN. Choose a destination that includes public transportation options or even bike riding! Opt for a family run bed and breakfast or a eco-friendly hotel when booking your trip. Try local cuisine and patronize local retailers.

6. SHOP LOCAL. Save fuel and help the local economy by buying local. Everything from food to your wedding registry can be purchased through local, small business owners. Visit the GoGreen Web Directory to find a local retailer near you!

7. CEREMONY LOCATION. Have you considered holding your ceremony outside? Not only will it save on electricity, it will save on decorations as well. Allow Mother Nature to decorate your wedding for FREE. Rather hold it inside?  Choose a place where the ceremony & reception are in the same location so guests won’t have to travel and save on fuel.

8. SEASONAL FLOWERS. Visit a local florist and investigate what seasonal and local flowers are available in your state. Not only will this support your local community, it will save on fuel by not having to ship flowers from far away locations.

9. EDIBLE FAVORS. Want to truly make your wedding memorable? Offer edible favors for guests such as organic chocolates, nuts or personalized cookies from a local retailer. Or how about thanking guests with a small plant or herb that can be planted at home? They will remember your special day long after the ceremony is over (and how much you appreciate Mother Earth!) Visit the GoGreen Web Directory to find a local retailer near you!

10. BE A BEAUTIFUL BRIDE.  Use environmentally friendly, organic beauty products. Remember, what you put on your skin is also absorbed into the skin! Visit the Environmental Working Group’s website to see how your skin care products stack-up!

Again, congratulations on your engagement and best of luck planning your eco-friendly wedding!


On the you will find local eco-conscious businesses, will learn about green events in your community, and will connect to green living information and news. Rest assured that that those listed and advertising on the directory meet green standards for their type of business. While individuals should always ensure that the green businesses they support are taking acceptable measures, all of the businesses listed on GoGreen have been vetted.

GoGreen is the place to find hundreds of hand-picked green business listings that are local to you.

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