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Green Screens

May 20, 2013

I woke up this morning with the task of removing a tiny tick from 5th graders face. She was thrilled of course! Just a reminder that Spring has sprung, Summer is coming, and the kids will be out and about for months.

When you stock up on sunscreen and bug spray keep this in mind, ‘Don’t Eat The Sunscreen!’ Anything you rub onto your skin will be absorbed into it, like food particles absorbed during digestion. Sunscreen, bugspray. perfume, deodorant, soap etc., they don’t just ‘go away’ or ‘wash off’.

Just like food, cheaper isn’t better. Know what you are buying and slathering on you and your kids.

Research by the Food and Drug Administration and National Toxicology Program suggests that retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A and an ingredient in many sunblocks, may heighten skin cancer risk when used on skin. Now wait a darn minute!!! I’m using the product to prevent such things, am I not? This is just one example of the stuff that may be hiding in your ‘protection’ items.

The same applies to bug sprays and repellants. Yes, we have Triple EEE and West Nile scares here in Massachussets, nothing to be taken lightly, but covering your kids in poison to avoid, um… getting poisoned, doesn’t make much sense. DEET, the killer ingredient in most bug sprays, is TOXIC.

In our ‘Green Household’ we’ve done quite a bit of research and have found Badger SPF 30+ anti-bug is the best choice, because it’s non toxic and is sunscreen AND bug repellant. A two-fer!

Sometimes ‘the old way is the best way’, so I’ll quote Ben Franklin (who knew a thing or two about Massachusets mosquitos I bet): “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Find the kids (and you) some shade. Take breaks from the pool/beach by getting inside instead of just ‘respraying’ your kids (and half the beach) over and over again. Get the kids into ‘Rash Guard’ style swimsuits that cover more of their skin, and get indoors at dusk during mosquito season.

Yes it’s EASY to just cover the kids with stuff and send them on their way, but there is always a healthier/greener option.

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