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Free HD-TV, and $1000 Cash! Who’s In?

July 3, 2013

What if I told you I could save you $1104.60, create more family time, improve your health, and you’d still be able to watch the Patriots in Hi-Def? Well…. POOF! Wish granted.  Cancel your cable TV.

I’ve been threatening to cancel my cable for awhile now, and finally did so last week. Besides a bit of ‘but what do mean?’ questions from my kids, it’s been smooth sailing. Reason #1 for the change was that I’m sick of the constant marketing the kids sit through watching their shows (even just 2 hours a day during ‘TV time’).

Plastic toys they don’t need, BAD food choices, and violence galore, even between the ‘good’ kids shows.  Bad enough having to justify Spongebob, but there just isn’t any need for the endless marketing.  This goes WAY beyond you or I sitting through a few commercials for pop-tarts during Scooby-Do, it’s become an evil business to market and ‘hook’ kids on products early.  So, because I control these things, and they don’t magically appear in the house, I canceled my cable TV.

Poof! There’s $1104.60 in my pocket this year!  Great Mike, but I need my HD football on my 689 Foot Plasma!!  Well, here’s the trick.  I have Comcast, which also provides my internet and phone (aka ‘bungle’ of money), and cable companies that are hard wired to your home for any service, have to allow access to your local broadcast stations.  It’s the LAW.

Yes.  You read correct.  As long as you have a newer TV, you just plug the cable directly into your set and STILL get HD local channels.  YES, even after the ‘cable’ has been shut off.

Neat huh?  As a matter of fact, I got 56 channels, many in Hi-Def, after shutting cable

off!  Granted, I’m not going to watch most of them cause I don’t watch much TV, but NFL FOOTBALL IN HD!!

For me the savings are an immediate $92.05 a month!  We use Netflix for movies and kid shows, sans commercial pandering, and let’s face it, it’s Summer right now!  There should be plenty to do!  By the time school gets back in session, we’ll all be used to ‘the way things are’.  I’ll happily spend that money somewhere else!

So goodbye cable!  I’ll watch what I want when I want, and won’t miss your constant barrage of evil hucksterism.  Less TV, more music.

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