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What SHOULD I hug?

July 17, 2013

Somewhere along the line the term hippie became a negative thing. I’m guessing it was during the 60’s, during the Vietnam protests, when the industrial military complex needed to spin the ‘peace lovers’ as somehow Un-American or dirty. War = Good, Hippie = Not Good. Too bad, because besides sometimes being the coolest and smartest people in the room, they tend to be the most interested in the environment. I’d rather hang with a hippie than some cement head driving around in a vehicle that gets 9mpg any day.

Treehugger is another one of these words. Somehow caring for the environment has become soft, or wimpy, or not manly. Again I’ll blame the War Is Good campaign. This boy right here thinks TREES are a good thing! We’ll show him, cut ‘em down Virgil!

They understand that without trees, there is no us right? Trees produce oxygen, which we need to breath. They understand that yes? Walmart does not sell air. Not yet anyway, I’m sure if they could they would. Trees clean the soil, clean the air, eat carbon, and help stop soil erosion to name but a few of their feats. They know that stuff right? Sometimes I’m not so sure.

No trees. No us. No life. That’s not a Summer Blockbuster film plot, but real life.

So… what am I supposed to hug? Oil? Donuts? Iced Coffee? Fantasy Football? War? I think hugging life itself is a good thing. Tell me something else as important and I’ll wrap myself around it like a blankie.

Yeah I know, my friends will call me a hippie, and I’ll call them treehuggers, as terms of endearment, or to mock the actual words. But when the words are used to demean, that’s when I take offense. He’s just some hippie treehugger. I would translate that as That guy cares about not only his environment but everybody’s environment! But there’s another translation too That guy is different than me and because I don’t understand it I fear it, and I will mock it. I get it. But I will take treehugger to be a compliment from now on.

And I’d like to ad to the lexicon another term, Beehugger. We better all bee on board with hugging the bee population, or it’s curtains for us as well.

I think it’s time for more hugging and less name calling. Uh oh, that sounds like some evil hippie agenda.

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