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Kids Recycling Tips: Adding Recycling to the Family Chore Chart

August 15, 2013

kids recycling tipsAnyone with children knows the value of teaching responsibility. From helping with the family pet to making the bed, children can help with many of the everyday chores around the house. But have you added “recycling” to your chore chart? Not only are you teaching a valuable lesson in responsibility, you are instilling in your children a lifelong understanding of helping Mother Earth.

Ready to get started?


Some towns require sorting of recyclables into separate containers for curbside pick-up or recycling center drop-off. Here are some ideas to make it easier for kids to recycle if  you are required to sort:

-Place bins for each type of recyclable material in your garage or other area of your house and add a picture to each bin showing what type of items should be placed in that particular bin. (e.g. Plastic bottles, newspapers, cans etc.) Be sure your kids know which items belong in each bin.

-When it is time to throw away an item, ask your kids which bin they think it should go in. After a few times, even a pre-schooler can start to know which bin is for plastic bottles, etc. (Added bonus: This is also a terrific sorting lesson!)

-When it is time to take the recycling to the recycling center, have the kids come along and see just where everything is going!

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