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10 Eco-Friendly Fall Tips for Around the House

September 16, 2013

eco-friendly fall tipsThe temperatures are cooling, the leaves are beginning to change and the kids are back at school. It must be fall! Are you ready for the new season? Here are 10 Eco-Friendly fall tips for around the house:

1. CHECK THE PRESSURE. Cooler temperatures lower tire pressure and that, in turn, lowers fuel efficiency. So, be sure to check the air pressure in your tires regularly.

2. PREP THE FURNACE. Soon it will be time to turn on your furnace again. Be sure to have it cleaned and tested before you really need it! Check your owners manual for proper maintenance or call a professional. If you have a gas furnace, have it professionally inspected once a year. Keeping a well maintained furnace will not only keep you warmer this winter, it will be more energy efficient as well.

3. INSPECT WINDOWS. Check windows for proper caulking. If you have single-pane windows, add storm windows. Even a plastic film over windows will reduce heat loss and save on your energy bill.

4. REMOVE AIR CONDITIONERS. Using a window air conditioner during the summer months? Be sure to remove it for the winter. If it can’t be removed, seal it with caulking or tape and cover it with an airtight, insulated jacket.

5. INSPECT GUTTERS. Clean the roof gutters and make sure downspouts are pointed away from the house. Thinking about installing  a rain barrel? Now’s a perfect time to add this to your home! Visit the GoGreen Web Directory to find out more.

6. PREPARE YOUR SPIGOTS. Remove your water hose from the spigots and store for the winter. Install foam covers over outside water spigots to prevent freezing.

7. CHIMNEY SWEEP. Now is a good time to have the chimney cleaned and get vent systems checked.

8. GREEN YOUR LEAVES.  Soon many of us will spend our weekends dealing with the falling leaves. Add a little green to your fall by using a rake instead of electric blower (Plus, it will give you some added exercise to your day.)  Instead of putting leaves into the landfill, use them  as ground cover around outdoor plants, trees and bushes. Then, put the remaining leaves in compost pile. Learn more about composting at

9. CHANGE YOUR BULBS. Fall and winter months mean less sunlight which means turning on all those lamps around the house earlier in the day!  Decrease your energy bill and your carbon footprint by switching your bulbs to more energy efficient  Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFB). Although a CFB can cost more initially, they use about 75% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb and last at least 6 times longer!

10. COLLECT YOUR FALL HARVEST.  Head to your local farmer’s market, CSA or grocer and purchase in season fruits and veggies and can or freeze for the winter. Not sure what produce is in season for the fall? Check out this Massachusetts Crop Harvest Calendar.

What are your eco-friendly fall tips? How do you prepare your house for the colder months ahead?


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