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Go Green This Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! As you start making your holiday plans, be sure to thank Mother Nature by making your Thanksgiving an eco-friendly affair:

Use the slow cooker. Instead of heating your oven to prepare your Thanksgiving feast, why not try your slow cooker instead? According to Planet Green: “When compared to a conventional oven which uses 2.7 pounds of CO2 for one hour of use, a slow cooker uses .9 pounds of CO2 for seven hours of use.” Think of how much of an impact we could make if we used our slow cooker more often! Not sure what to make? Here are some terrific Thanksgiving slow cooker recipes from Mother Nature Network.

Plan Ahead to Avoid Waste. Of course when we think of Thanksgiving, we think of an abundant feast! But, don’t let the excess turn into waste. Plan out meals using leftovers for the rest of the holiday weekend or consider a smaller “feast” that will be completely consumed on Thanksgiving Day. Not sure what to do with your turkey carcass? Try making delicious organic turkey broth to use later this winter.

Use the Dishwasher Wisely. Dinner is over and now it’s time to clean-up. If you are like many people, you will be filling your dishwasher several times before getting all those piles of dishes clean. To save energy, be sure to run the dishwasher when full and don’t rinse the dishes with hot water. Instead scrape your food waste into the trash and compost what you can. Conserve even more energy by allowing your dishes to air dry instead of using the heat dry setting on your dishwasher. And of course, opt for a eco-friendly dishwasher detergent!

Avoid Plastic Wrap. Storing leftovers in the fridge or sending food home with guests? Don’t reach for the plastic wrap to protect that food! Plastic wrap is a single-use petroleum product, and contains PVC, a chemical that can leach into your food.Use glass containers instead or aluminum foil that can be recycled.

Decorate Naturally.  We all love a beautifully decorated table to celebrate with our family and friends. And why not decorate with the most beautiful items available from Mother Nature? Nothing says autumn more than beautiful fall leaves from your own backyard. Or how about pumpkins and gourds to create a festive look around the house? Here are a few other ideas from Better Homes and Gardens that we LOVE:

Tabletop ‘Mumkins’

Mum’s the word when dressing up a pumpkin. To make these bright orbs, cut a lid and remove the seeds and pulp. Using a drill or nail, make holes just wide enough for the flower stems to poke through and insert the flowers.100991398.jpg.rendition.largest

Natural Table Touches

Autumn touches of bittersweet, leaves, and gourds grace this pretty Thanksgiving table. Start by arranging fall-color pillar candles on a wooden plank in the center of the table, then encircle them with gourds, berries, and vines. Let Mother Nature carry through to the place settings of golden yellow dishes by wrapping linen napkins in ribbon and dried leaves.

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  1. November 22, 2013 6:12 pm

    Planning meals for the leftovers is a great idea! We do get a little burnt out eating the holiday feast all week post Thanksgiving. Thanks to your suggestion I think I will get a little creative this year!

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