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Green Christmas Shopping Tips

December 9, 2013
green christmas shopping tips

Visit the Go Green Web Directory to find local and green gifts this holiday season!

Green Christmas Shopping tips just in time for the season! Now’s the time to make your list, check it twice AND make it “green” with these few tips from the GoGreen Web Directory:

BUY LOCAL. Shopping local not only supports our community, it also conserves natural resources. Instead of having to ship products across the country wasting fuel and polluting the air, products are created right down the street by your friends and neighbors. Not sure where to find local, green businesses? Be sure to visit the GoGreen Web Directory to find local and green businesses near you! We are sure you will be able to find something for everyone on your list.

Some of our favorite places to shop include:
1. Artisans in the Square, 63 South Street, Hingham
2. Holiday Craft Fairs
12/15 Go Green Shop Local Event at Sacred Space Healing Center, Marshfield Center
3. Eco Chic,  Main Street,  Kingston
4. Winter Farmers Markets

BUY EXPERIENCES. Feel like your home can’t handle any more “stuff”?  Then, why not try this green Christmas shopping tip instead: GIVE THE GIFT OF EXPERIENCES. How about movie passes or a membership to the zoo or local museum such as The South Shore Natural Science Center? Or a subscription to a local magazine like Edible South Shore. For the sports fan in the family, why not purchase tickets to a game? Not only are you not filling your home with unused items, your gift can be appreciated all year long! (And help save Mother Earth in the process.)

BUY CERTIFIED. No matter what you decide to buy, be sure to look for “certified” items such as Energy Star electronics/appliances, organic clothing, and Fair Trade/ Conflict Free jewelry when out doing your shopping.  Also, be on the lookout for gifts made from sustainable or recycled materials and with little to no packaging whenever possible.

DON’T BUY WRAP. One of the  most effective ways to go green for Christmas is to avoid the traditional Christmas wrap. According the the Washington Post, each year in the United States, 4 million tons of trees go from logs to wrapping paper and gift bags (and then most of that ends up in our landfills). Conserve our environment and make your gifts stand out from the rest by using scarfs, blankets, towels or even pillow cases instead. These items can look beautiful under the tree and can be used after Christmas as well!

BUY TOGETHER. Of all our green Christmas shopping tips, this may be our favorite! Grab a buddy and start shopping! Car pooling saves gas and can make your trip much more enjoyable. But, remember, don’t keep circling the parking lot to find that close space. Although it is tempting to want that super close spot, this wastes gas (and who couldn’t use a little extra exercise this time of year anyway?) And don’t forget your reusable shopping bags before you head out the door!

How does your family Go Green for the holidays?

On the you will find local eco-conscious businesses, will learn about green events in your community, and will connect to green living information and news. Rest assured that that those listed and advertising on the directory meet green standards for their type of business. While individuals should always ensure that the green businesses they support are taking acceptable measures, all of the businesses listed on GoGreen have been vetted.

GoGreen is the place to find hundreds of hand-picked green business listings that are local to you.

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  1. December 10, 2013 6:02 am

    Thanks for the shout out Paula! Great post. Hope you are well.

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