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Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas!

February 3, 2014

eco-friendly valentine's day ideasLove is in the (COLD) air! Yes, Valentine’s Day is nearly here. With all the love you are sharing, don’t forget to spread the love to Mother Earth as well with these eco-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas from the GoGreen Web Directory:

CHOCOLATE LOVERS REJOICE! Are chocolates on your list for this Valentine’s Day? Unfortunately, conventional chocolates can have negative effects on the environment AND have been linked to unfair labor practices. So, be sure to look for organic and fair trade chocolates when you are ready to make your purchase. Luckily for us, these aren’t as difficult to find as they used to be and may even be available at your local traditional grocer.

A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME… Like chocolates, organic and fair trade flowers are always welcome. While this may be a bit harder to find than the chocolates, there are a few places to start. FTD’s Go Green Living section offers several varieties on fair trade flowers. Many natural health food stores also offer fair trade and/or organic varieties.

SET THE MOOD WITH SOY CANDLES. Fill the air with love and NOT harmful chemicals with soy candles! Conventional candles are made of petroleum-based paraffin wax, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances, which are toxic to produce and result in indoor air pollutants. Instead opt for soy which are made of natural products and will only fill the air with beautiful fragrance and a little romance.

GIVE THE GIFT OF A LIFETIME. Show your sweetheart that your love will last forever by planting a tree or bush or giving a houseplant instead of cut flowers. Instead of withering away in a few weeks, they will last a lifetime (just like your love). Or consider donating to a favorite charity or organization in your loved one’s name instead of buying a traditional gift.

PLAN A NON-TRADITIONAL DATE.  Instead of the traditional restaurant date, why not plan something a little different like going for a hike, bike ride,  or even volunteer for your favorite charity that helps Mother Earth. What a great way to share Valentine’s Day with your loved ones and show your love for the Earth at the same time.

GET THE KIDS INVOLVED. Looking for some eco-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas for the kids? Here are a couple of terrific eco-friendly crafts that the whole family can enjoy from Inhabitots. Or how about creating fun Valentine’s stuff with items from around the house? Here is one of our favorite eco-friendly Valentines’ Day ideas:


-Halve a potato then cut Valentine’s shapes into the end using cookie cutters

-Create cards or decorations from scrap paper and boxes from around the house

– Paint your paper or cardboard if needed and allow to dry

– Dip the end of your potato stamps into DIY natural paints

– Decorate away!

How does your family stay eco-friendly for Valentine’s Day? We would love to hear your eco-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas!


On the you will find local eco-conscious businesses, will learn about green events in your community, and will connect to green living information and news. Rest assured that that those listed and advertising on the directory meet green standards for their type of business. While individuals should always ensure that the green businesses they support are taking acceptable measures, all of the businesses listed on GoGreen have been vetted.

GoGreen is the place to find hundreds of hand-picked green business listings that are local to you.

Potato print valentines are cute, natural, and give a purpose to that sad old potato with many eyes. Halve a potato then cut out a heart or star or whatever design you like into the potato, either using a knife (carefully!) or by pressing a cookie cutter firmly into the potato. Dip the shape into paint and decorate. – See more at:
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