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Eco-Friendly Life Hacks

July 21, 2014

eco-friendly life hacksEver feel like going green can be complicated? We here at the GoGreen Web Directory have put together a list of simple eco-friendly life hacks to make going green just a bit easier!



MAKE USE OF STEAM. Instead of using electricity for an iron, hang clothes in the bathroom while you take a steamy shower to loosen the wrinkles.

FILL THAT FREEZER AND SAVE. It takes less energy to cool a full freezer than an empty one. So, stock up when you find that great sale on grass-fed meat or organic veggies and fill that freezer. Save money on your energy bill AND your grocery bill.

SPICE THINGS UP TO GET RID OF SPIDERS. This one might have more of an odor than you would like, so plan accordingly! Mix a half a cup of vinegar, a tbsp of chili powder and one quart of water together and mix well. Add to spray bottle and spray area. (be sure to test a small area first)

BE AN EARLY BIRD OR NIGHT OWL. Water plants and flowers early or late in the day to avoid water evaporation from the sun.

SKIP THE DISPOSABLE STRAWS. Not only do they fill landfills with unwanted plastics, they could cause unwanted lip wrinkles as well.

TURN OLD T-SHIRTS INTO GROCERY TOTES! Kill two birds with one stone by creating re-usable grocery totes out of old t-shirts. Find out how HERE.

RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY OR APPLY. Before heading out to purchase that new body wash or lip stick, visit the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database to see just how well it ranks.

GREEN CLEAN THE MICROWAVE. Don’t fill your home with harsh chemicals when cleaning that dirty microwave! Instead microwave ½ a cup of vinegar with ½ a cup of water for 10 minutes. This will loosen residue off your microwave walls making removal with a sponge quick and easy.

FORGET THE PLASTIC WRAP. And don’t waste money on expense storage containers either. Instead, re-use glass spaghetti sauce jars as food storage for soups, sauces or even salads. Or wrap produce or bowls of leftovers in a clean kitchen towel and tie with a rubber band to keep things fresh for days.

FIX THE LEAK. A leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water day according to the EPA. Not sure if you have a leak? Test your tank by dropping a few drops of food coloring into the tank; if the color shows up in the bowl without flushing, you’ve got a leak. Generally the problem lies with the flapper value and can easily be replaced.

KEEP THE K (cup). Instead of throwing away those k-cups, reuse them as plant starters. Remove foil top,  add the tea or coffee grounds to your garden or compost, fill k-cups with soil and get ready for planting your seedlings! Find out more HERE.

STOP THE SINK STINK. Have a less than pleasant odor coming from your disposal? Simply run orange or lemon peels in your disposal to freshen it up!

GET RID OF THE RUST. Does your patio furniture or barbecue tools need a little TLC? Try cutting a cucumber or raw potato in half and scrubbing the areas of metal in need of cleaning off rust.The oxalic acid found in these foods is great for removing rust. (be sure to test a small area first!)

KEEP ANTS AWAY THE NATURAL WAY. Having an outdoor party? Keep ants away from your picnic or party (or even your kitchen!) by placing mint tea bags, cucumber peels or bay leaves around the perimeter.

NO CLAY FOR YOUR CAT.  Are you a cat owner? Avoid clay based cat litter.  Look for alternatives made out of plant-based material such as corn, wheat, recycled newspapers or wood chips, which are friendlier on the environment than clay litter which does not biodegrade.

GIFT WRAP GREEN.  Wrap that baby shower gift in a baby blanket or crib sheet instead of paper. Or visit a local thrift shop and purchase a vintage scarf to wrap that special birthday or anniversary present. The extra thought will be appreciated by the recipient and Mother Nature will appreciate it as well.

SUPPORT LOCAL ECO-FRIENDLY BUSINESSES. Visit the GoGreen Web Directory to find local eco-conscious businesses, learn about green events in your community, and connect to green living information and news.



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