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Go Green This Halloween!

October 27, 2014

Ready to take your Halloween celebration from orange and black to GREEN? Here are a few ideas on creating a festive event while still protecting Mother Earth.

1. MAKE YOUR OWN COSTUMES. While to some of you this may seem scarier than Halloween itself, many costumes can be created from clothing you already have or by purchasing inexpensive pieces at a thrift store or consignment shop. Here are a few great ideas on how to make your own costume: CLICK HERE

2. FORM A COSTUME SWAP. Still not interested in making your own? Then, why not trade with friends and family? The kids are sure to have costumes in the drawer that they have outgrown and adults love to see what is in the neighbor’s closet! Get creative. That prom dress from high school could be just perfect for transforming your daughter into a princess or that high school letterman jacket can create the best “jock” costume for your son.

3. AVOID PLASTIC MASKS AND TEETH. Halloween masks and fake teeth are often made of rubber and vinyl and can contain lead paint and chemical plasticizers that can be absorbed when being worn. Opt for eco-friendly face paints instead.

4. FACE PAINT. Be sure you are using eco-friendly face paints and make-up when creating your perfect costume. Often store bought face paints can contain harmful metals and other potentially harmful ingredients. To avoid this, try creating your own! The Environmental Working Group has some great recipes for safe DIY face paints  that aren’t harmful to you or the environment.

5. OPT FOR THE WIG. If you or your child MUST have a change of hair color for Halloween, opt for a wig or hat instead of spray on hair color that can contain synthetic chemicals.

6. BUY LOCALLY. Purchase pumpkins, gourds, treats and more for your holiday at your local farmer’s market or farm. Why not make a day of it and enjoy nature as a family to a local farm for hayrides, corn mazes and warm apple cider!

7. GREEN CANDY. Yes, candy is the theme of the day. But, it doesn’t have to be completely unhealthy. When shopping for your treats, look for organic, all-natural, dye-free ingredients that are (ideally) ethically sourced and packaged with the Earth in mind (e.g. compostable packaging, sold in bulk, etc.). Or how about giving away other treats such as organic juice boxes or pouches or organic fruit snacks? Or why not try non-food items such as pencils made from recycled materials or soy/beeswax crayons?

8.  GREEN DECOR,  Instead of decorating with plastic spiders or ghost masks, why not try more natural home decor?  This time of year is full of colorful maze, gourds, leaves and other natural materials that can be found at your local grocer or even right outside your door!  When the season is over these items can all be composted!  So much better than filling our landfills with plastics. Also consider planning a “Recycled  Halloween Craft Day” with the neighborhood kids and create all types of decorations from recycled products.  Here are a few we love:

egg carton bats

haunted halloween village from milk cartons

halloween bunting from old magazines

9. GREEN LIGHT. Have you carved the perfect pumpkin? Then you are ready to illuminate your masterpiece with candles!  Be sure when lighting your pumpkin that you are using soy or beeswax candles since these do not increase CO2 levels in the atmosphere and do not produce black soot making them better for the environment and you .  Ready to head out after dark to do your trick or treating? Be sure to equip the kids with a solar-powered or crank flashlight instead of a traditional battery operated one to lessen your impact on the environment.

10. GREEN BAG. Avoid the temptation to buy that plastic trick or treat bag or plastic pumpkin head at the store (even if they ARE super cute!) Instead, create your own unique and eco-friendly bag by having  the kids decorate old pillow cases. Or create a one-of-a-kind bag from an old Halloween shirt that the kids have outgrown! Here’s how to turn that shirt into reusable trick-or-treat bag and create a lasting memory:


Old Halloween t-shirt

Straight Pens




Sewing Machine or No-Sew Fabric Glue


1. Place your old t-shirt on a flat surface and carefully cut off sleeves (remember to leave the seams attached to keep the handles of your bag strong)

2. Turn the shirt inside out and lay a dinner plate across the neck opening of the T-shirt. It should be half on and half off. Trace around the plate with a pen.

3. Remove the plate and cut along the line  to create the opening of your bag.

4. Pin the bottom opening/seam together to create the bottom of your tote.

5. Glue or sew together along the bottom edge. (Be sure it is secure to hold all that candy!)

6. Turn right-side out and your bag is ready!

How do you go green for Halloween?


Have a favorite green Halloween craft, party idea or candy? Share with us in the comments below!

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