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GreenBridge Architects

Juli Macdonald GreenBridge Architects

GreenBridge Architects
Juli MacDonald
AIA, LEED-AP Owner & Principal


How did your business evolve, or become green?

Juli:  “GreenBridge was created in 2007. I have always had a strong tie to socially and ecologically responsible architecture through self- education and my work in membership organizations. After 20 years in the field, I wanted to create a firm where I could fully prioritize and support these commitments by creating standards for continual education and the work itself.”

GoGreen:  How do you see your business taking part in the GoGreen Web Directory community, the place where consumers from all over Massachusetts connect with green businesses to explore resources and discussions that help them green their lives?

Juli:  “We are always working to educate ourselves on a wide range of issues involving sustainable, or green, design. I write a blog that I use to share what I’m currently interested in or learning about. I hope this will be interesting to the greater GoGreen Web Directory community.”

GoGreen:  What is your most important environmental goal and how do you feel your business can contribute?

Juli:  “Our most important environmental goal is to bring sustainable systems and products into architectural projects, in a way that is most appropriate for each project and for the client’s needs. With our continuous education and partnership-building, we also strive to make each project better than the last.”

GoGreen:  When you consider the phrase “Planet Earth,” which element or adjective of the following do you associate?

Juli:  “Life.”

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