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Greener Everyday Consulting

Greener Everyday Consulting
Rachel White
Owner and Principal


GoGreen:  How did your business evolve, or become green?

Rachel: “Greener Every Day evolved out of my personal quest to create a more sustainable lifestyle for my family. After training and working for several years as a researcher and teacher, I left the field of education to pursue my passion for green living. I founded Greener Every Day to share with others the knowledge I have gained from greening my life and home. Whether I am consulting with a private client, leading a workshop, or writing a blog post, I often use my own experience as a model. Thus, I always strive to walk the talk, and to advance my green journey as I help others advance theirs.”

GoGreen: How do you see your business taking part in the GoGreen Web Directory community, the place where consumers from all over Massachusetts connect with green businesses to explore resources and discussions that help them green their lives?

Rachel: “As a member of the GoGreen Web Community we look forward to educating Massachusetts residents about opportunities to introduce sustainable practices and products into their lives and to helping implement those opportunities that meet their needs, priorities, and budgets. We also look forward to learning from other members of the community in order to enhance our services.”

GoGreen: What is your most important environmental goal and how do you feel your business can contribute?

Rachel: “Our goal is to help individuals make sustainable lifestyle choices that are lasting, meaningful to them, and make a measurable dent in their environmental impact. Whatever the particular project we are working on, we strive to help our clients and the public conserve natural resources, save money, reduce waste, and improve their quality of life and well-being.”

GoGreen: When you consider the phrase “PlanetEarth,” which element or adjective of the following do you associate?

Rachel:  “I am drawn to ‘Challenge’ because we face enormous challenges right now of working to preserve and protect the planet for future generations.”


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