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ProEnergy Consultant

Pro Energy Consultants
Jon Mitton
Energy Auditor and Owner


GoGreen: How did your business evolve, or become green?

Jon:  “Pro Energy Consultants business model was started 15 years ago in Cleveland helping home owners maximize the efficiency of their homes in the most efficient ways possible with a focus on customer comfort issues. Recently, Pro Energy Consultants also began to focus on helping home owners understand how to be more efficient in their living habits.”

GoGreen:  How do you see your business taking part in the GoGreen Web Directory community, the place where consumers from all over Massachusetts connect with green businesses to explore resources and discussions that help them green their lives?

Jon: “GoGreen Web Directory is an amazing resource for people who are actively looking to enhance their knowledge of living ‘green’ and Pro Energy Consultants is in a unique position to be able to help with some of the more important questions in regards to homes, how they function, and how to make them more efficient without necessarily spending a lot of money. This is done scientifically with proper testing of the home. We don’t guess.

GoGreen:  What is your most important environmental goal and how do you feel your business can contribute?

Jon: “American homes use 25% of the world’s energy for heating, cooling, and electricity. We feel it is very important to bring that number down to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses. Pro Energy Consultants can not only help teach people how to make their homes more efficient but also explore opportunities to change habits that will lead to a more efficient lifestyle. The challenge has been that people always believe that they must make sacrifices to live efficiently and that is not the case, education and proper choices can have a great effect without sacrificing quality of life.”

GoGreen: When you consider the phrase “Planet Earth,” which element or adjective of the following do you associate?

Jon: “Challenge.”

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