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Eco-friendly Tips for Moms

November 11, 2014

green tips for momsEco-friendly tips for moms! Whether your little ones are crawling or driving, here are a few tips to make your family greener:

CLEAN GREEN. Switch to natural cleaning supplies such as lemon juice, vinegar and water. Not sure where to begin? Check out these DIY Natural Cleaning Products.

SAY NO TO PLASTIC. Avoid using those plastic bags while grocery shopping by switching to reusable bags. Always seem like you forget them at home? Add them to your diaper bag or store them in your trunk after each use.

MAKE RECYCLING A FAMILY AFFAIR. Get the kids involved with recycling around your home. Talk about why it is important and what items can be recycled. Even take a tour of the recycling plant in your area!

READ THE LORAX. Bedtime snuggles can be made even more meaningful by learning a little about the environment with Dr. Seuss! Looking for other fun Lorax activities? Check out a few ideas here.

DON’T DO DISPOSABLE. Have a little one still in diapers? Did you know one baby in disposable diapers will contribute at least 1 ton of waste to your local landfill? Make the switch to cloth or biodegradable diapers.

CREATE A PAPER TOWEL-FREE HOME. By replacing just one roll of paper towels a week with cloth, you can save more than 1,000 paper towels a year! So, make the switch from paper towels to cloth to clean-up those messy high chairs, faces, hands and counters.

PURCHASE NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Many traditional products such as baby shampoo, toothpastes and lotions contain an ingredient list that is not only LONG but full of words that are difficult to pronounce! Avoid all those chemicals and green your home by purchasing natural beauty products. Visit the SKIN DEEP database from the Environmental Working Group before heading to the store.

BUY USED OR CREATE A SWAP. Save money and the environment by swapping baby gear, clothing and other items with friends and neighbors. Or purchase gently used items at your local consignment or thrift store.

SHOP THE DIRTY DOZEN. Can’t afford to buy all your produce organically? Be sure to shop the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen.

LIMIT SCREEN TIME. Not only will limiting screen time to save electricity, it is beneficial to your children’s overall well-being. According to the Huffington Post, after just 30 minutes of screen time a day, researchers saw that children’s grades began a steady decline. Unplug the electronics and plug into family time.

BATH TOGETHER. Instead of drawing a separate bath for each child, bath multiple kids (and yourself) at once to save water.

TURN OFF THE WATER. Teach the kids to turn off water when brushing their teeth. Also, help kids decide BEFORE opening the refrigerator what items they will need to save energy.

VISIT THE LIBRARY. Save a tree and borrow your next book instead of buying a new one.

LEAVE THE CAR AT HOME. Walk or ride a bike to your errands that are two miles or closer.

SHOP AND EAT LOCAL. Support your local economy and shop at your farmer’s market or locally-owned restaurant. Support local restaurants that use food derived less than 100 miles away, and learn more about the benefits of eating locally. Visit the GoGreen Web Directory to find local, green businesses in your area.

GET RID OF BPA. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a chemical used in hard clear plastics and as a liner for certain food containers and is linked to certain illnesses in animals. To be safe, choose plastic bottles marked (# 1, #2, or #4), or switch to glass or stainless steel.

What Green Tips for Moms do you have to share?


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